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Alan Calvitti, PhD

programming experience:

Mathematica (10+ years, expert programmer)
  • Mathematica (http://www.wolfram.com) is a programmable analytical/math software platform comparable to SAS, R, Matlab. It supports numerical, symbolic, statistical analysis, bottom-up, sophisticated modular visualization database interfaces, remote SQL queries, textual regular expression parsing. It can interface to Unix shells, and is comparable to Unix scripting languages like PHP, Perl, Python. There are third-party packages, e.g. Experimental Data Analysis, Time Series Analysis, etc Its virtual machine environment enables rapid prototyping and development.

  • Doctoral research: Monte Carlo nonparametric simulations to analyze a class of nonlinear dynamical systems. Application domain is legged biological physics of complex bifurcation (i.e. parameter-dependent robustness) novel data visualization techniques.

  • Postdoctoral research: part of an interdisciplinary team, developed/programmed data visualization tools for exploratory analysis of time-stamped correlating wireless network and sensor fault detection with measures of medical effectiveness (http://wiisard.org exploratory analysis of time-sensitive clinical processes from electronic analysis of time-dependent usage patterns in an emergency department toward automated crowding Developed own research plan, currently pending review at National Institute of Medicine. prediction records project) datasets analysis systems control robotics systems available Python shells manipulation expression queries graphics analysis Supports: BR>