Alan Calvitti, PhD

  • Calvitti A. Virtual periodic orbits on the affine hulls of switching systems organize long transients. (Summary of a key finding in PhD thesis. In preparation, to be submitted to Physica D, estimated 2009).

  • Calvitti A. Analysis of a distributed model of leg coordination, II: multiple mechanisms with feedback. (Summary of key results in PhD thesis. In preparation, to be submitted to Biological Cybernetics, estimated 2009).

  • Calvitti A, Hoot N. Visualizing temporal patterns of demand, throughput and crowding in an emergency department. Poster. (Submitted and pending review from American Medical Informatics Assocation National Symposium, Nov 2007, Chicago IL). [poster abstract pdf]

  • Calvitti A, Brown SW, Lenert LA. Temporal knowledge discovery for clinical process improvement. Poster. Veterans Administration Health Services R&D 2007 National Meeting, Arlington VA, Feb 2007. [poster pdf] [poster ppt] (zoom in >= 400% to resolve fine details)

  • Calvitti A, Brown SW, Lenert LA. Visualization of roaming client/server connection patterns during a wirelessly enabled disaster response drill. Poster. Am. Medical Informatics Assoc. 2006 National Symposium, Washington DC, Nov 2006. [poster pdf] [poster ppt] (zoom in >= 400% to resolve fine details)

  • Calvitti A. Phase Locking in Coupled Oscillators as Hybrid Automata, PhD thesis, Case Western Reserve University, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Dept, 2004. [pdf]

  • Calvitti A, Beer RD. Analysis of a distributed model of leg coordination, I: individual mechanisms. Biological Cybernetics, 82:197-206, 2000. [pdf]

  • Brennan PF, Overholt JL, Casper G, Calvitti A. Elders using a community network: profile of a champion. Medinfo 8(2):1545, 1995.

  • Casper GR, Calvitti A, Brennan PF, Overholt JL. ComputerLink: the impact of a computer network on Alzheimer caregivers' decision-making confidence and skill. Medinfo 8(2):1546, 1995.

  • Calvitti A. Stabilization of the Cart-Pole System with Dynamical Neural Networks. MS Thesis, Case Western Reserve University, Systems and Conrol Engineering Dept. 1994.

    research bibliography: temporal data mining and data visualization

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